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Fence Company Dunedin FL – Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum and Chain Link Fence

Fence Installation Dunedin FL

Time for new fence? Get a free estimate for fence installation in Dunedin, FL. Check out all of the best fencing services below. Our Dunedin fence company serves Dunedin and Pinellas County.

Residential Fencing

  • Privacy Fence
  • Railings
  • Custom Gates
  • Pergolas
  • Arbors
  • Pool Fences
  • Trash Can Enclosures
  • HVAC Enclosures
  • Pet Enclosures
  • Composite Fencing

Commercial Fencing

  • Security Fence
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Temporary Fence
  • Automatic Gates
  • Access Controls
  • Sports Park Fencing
  • School Fencing
  • Commercial Chain Link
  • Noise Reduction Fencing
  • Dumpster Enclosures

Fencing Company Dunedin

Our local fencing company offers many styles of fencing for Dunedin, Florida homeowners or your company. Services include installation of new fences, replacement of an existing fence or fence repair. If you do not see exactly what you had in mind give us a call at (941) 800-9620 or drop us a note and find out if our local fence contractor can help.

Wood Fence Dunedin FL

Choose a beautiful, natural, long-lasting wood fence by using only the highest quality wood products. A variety of styles, heights, and options are available:

  • Wood privacy fences such as stockade, board on board and shadow box fences.
  • Split rail and post and rail fences.
  • Picket fences

Enhance your wood fence with installation of accents such as cap and trim, post caps, horizontal or lattice fence with cap and trim, just to name a few.

Get in touch for a free estimate for wood fence installation in Dunedin, Florida.

wood fence builders
vinyl fence installation Dunedin florida

Vinyl Fencing Dunedin FL

Vinyl fencing (aka PVC fence) offers fantastic durability with little or no maintenance. You can now get vinyl fence is a wide range of colors, textures and designs.

The initial investment in a vinyl fence pays off in the long run.

Popular applications for vinyl fence include:

  • Vinyl privacy and semi-privacy fences
  • Picket fences for front yards
  • Pool fences
  • Vinyl split rail fence

Request a free estimate for vinyl fence installation in Dunedin, Florida.

Composite Fence Dunedin FL

Composite fencing offers durability, low maintenance, and many options for textures and colors. A composite fence can really look like a wood fence that you will never have to paint or stain .

Benefits of a composite fence:

  • Durable – highly resistant to weathering, decay, and insects.
  • Low Maintenance – virtually maintenance-free and it doesn’t require any special treatment to maintain its color or texture.
  • Eco-friendly – composite fencing is made from plastic and recycled wood.
  • Versatile – available in wide range of textures, colors and styles.

Request an estimate for composite fence installation in Dunedin, Florida.

composite fence installation Dunedin fl

Aluminum Fencing Dunedin FL

Aluminum fences add the elegance of wrought iron fences without the maintenance.

Aluminum fencing comes in a variety of colors, styles, and heights to increase the value and aesthetic appeal of any property.

Applications for aluminum fencing:

  • Pool fences
  • Front yard fences
  • Landscaping and garden fences
  • Commercial aluminum fence for security and landscape design.

Get a free estimate for aluminum fence installation in Dunedin, Florida.

aluminum fence installation {city(city} florida

Fence Repair Dunedin FL

Need  fence repair in Dunedin? Not sure if you need a full fence replacement or just some repairs? Get a free quote from a local fence company and get their professional opinion.

Damage is never a fun thing to deal with that’s why we make it remarkably easy to get help quickly from a local fencing company. We understand that you work hard to maintain your property and unforeseen accidents typically happen at the worst times.

Contact us for a free fence repair estimate in Dunedin and get your fence repaired so you can get back to enjoying your home.

fence repair in Dunedin Florida

Fence Companies Dunedin FL

Our fence companies serve Dunedin, Florida including the zip codes of 34697 and 34698 and the nearby areas of Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Largo, and Oldsmar

Fencing Services Include:

Fence Installation

Fence Replacement

Fence Repair

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Fence Installation FAQ

Yes, you will need a fence permit in order to build a fence in Dunedin, Florida.

Since Dunedin in an incorporated city the Fence Permit Application will be submitted to the Community Development Department of the City of Dunedin.

Your Homeowners Association (HOA) many have a separate approval process for installation or replacement of a fence.

In residentially zoned districts in Dunedin, for parcels that do not abut named Lakes or St. Joseph's Sound, fences forward of the front building line may be a maximum of 48 inches in height as long as sight visibility standards are maintained.

Fences shall be a maximum height of 6' in all zoning districts, except that, where appropriate as a buffer between residential and commercial uses or between two commercial/industrial uses, fence heights may exceed six feet but not greater than eight feet within a required side or rear yard in unique circumstances exist following zoning administrator review.

Dunedin in an incorporated city and the zoning rules for fences can be found in the Dunedin, Florida Code of Ordinances.

Please note your home Homeowners Association (HOA), if any, may have additional requirements for fence installations.

You should replace your fence when you need to repair 20% or more of your fence. This rule of thumb exists because you do not want to invest too much to repair a fence near the end of its lifespan. The exceptions to this rule are if the fence is new and just part of it is damaged.  Keep in mind that a fence permit may be required depending on the size of the repair.

The cheapest type of fence to install is almost always a chain link fence. Expect to pay between $8 and $14 per linear foot in Dunedin, FL. The price will increase depending on height and choice of chain link mesh.

If you are looking for a wood fence then a fence built with pressure treated pine will be the least expensive option.

The cost of your fence installation will be mostly determined by your choice of materials. Get an estimate from a fence contractor in Dunedin for a current price on fencing materials.

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